Since this is kind of a hard movie to come by, I put all of the major Sebastian Stan parts of it together here. I should warn you there is BAD LANGUAGE… Blah, blah, blah.

Fucking Tumblr has a 100 MB/5:00 video limit. The original cut was over 8:00 minutes. Grrrr.

As Johnny is Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.

Thought I should share this post again, seeing Seb’s newest IG post. What a little puppy!

immagroot asked:

ayyyyyyy, could you tell me where are these gifs /post/92012644649/yer-killin-me-sebastian-your-pretty-face-is come from? video title or anything? because honestly i was looking all around the internet and didn't find anything


I know you also asked “i am talking especially about first gif” which is:


It’s from a featurette on the Spread dvd. I posted two different videos from the two featurettes:

But, because this ONE MOMENT he did this face had nothing to do with him really (I think it was when Margarita Levieva was talking about something random), I omitted that part of the featurette. So sorry! But, above, you can see the two SEB ONLY parts of the featurette.